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I'm an independent creative/art director, brand consultant, and graphic designer.

I have been designing since 2012, but for the past few years, I have wandered freely around the creative realm, exploring a wide range of experiences from starting a boutique design practice to apprenticing as a tattoo artist

I find myself now as a consultant, bringing my collective experience to lead brand and design efforts for various outfits. While my interest and expertise lends itself to brand identity and packaging design, I demonstrate a generous wider skillset, with experience in creative direction, brand positioning strategy, marketing strategy, and advertising.


My work has been featured and recognised on platforms like Ladies, Wine & Design and Rolling Stone India.

I am currently consulting at GEIST BREWING CO., while carrying out other projects as an independent designer. I was previously founder and creative director at FRISK, aforementioned boutique design practice.

My aim is to create joyful experiences and emotional connections through the filter of design. I try to put the fun in functional. I am meticulous, detail-oriented, and I absorb the world around me like a sponge.

I am also a KNITTER. I love having a physical outlet for my creativity, and the feeling of having made something with my own hands. 

I’m grateful for how my creative outlook plays a vital role in my life, giving me a deeper appreciation for everything I experience – a meal, a song, a city. I often buy useless things because they are well-designed. I am always curious. Always interested. Sometimes interesting. And I name my layers.

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