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Morning Fresh by FRISK



Here's how Team FRISK brought extra nostalgic flavour to a small yet soulful highway restaurant.


creative direction, brand identity



We compared the charm of Malgudi Mylari Mane, a traditional South Indian restaurant on the side of the Bangalore-Hassan highway, to the things from our childhood we never forget. A familiar taste, a place we call home, the games we played, the music we heard, the mangoes we ate, the fresh sugarcane juice we drank, the laziness and simplicity of days gone by.

We took the familiarity and nostalgia of traditional imagery and put a clean, modern spin on it. The universal relatability of Malgudi Days and similar culture evokes a nostalgic reaction from almost anyone in Karnataka. It also serves as a warm welcome into this culture for people who are not from these parts. This was a great way to attract people’s attention on the fast-paced highway – something comfortingly familiar, yet just different enough.



Road trips to grandma’s home are universal memories. These days, road trips are not how they used to be. We wanted to send people back into reminiscing about the good old days. Malgudi Mylari Mane is an invitation to slow down and enjoy the time you spend eating. Less Tesla, more Lambretta.


Sanjana Bhatt

creative direction, design, copywriting

Anand Vijayasimha

project management, copywriting

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