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Morning Fresh by FRISK



Check out our makeover of Morning Fresh, a drink that’ll make sure you never see a hangover again.


brand identity, packaging design, content, merchandise, photography, videography, event branding



Two years and 30,000 bottles into their journey, Morning Fresh approached Team FRISK to give their brand a visual refresh. Their packaged 60ml drink (containing silk protein and mulberry leaves) is to be taken before you go to bed after a wild night out drinking, to wake up hangover-free.

Mitali’s team came to us with a problem: extensive market research showed that their existing packaging didn’t explain what the product was, what the product did, or what the flavours were. It also didn’t embody the spirit of the brand. Customers were missing the point of the product entirely.

We jumped in with colour and character. In an FMCG context flooded with reds and greens, it was important that the four flavours of Morning Fresh stand out distinctly and confidently. We took care to ensure that the final colours for each flavour struck a balance between being associated with health, and being associated with nightlife. Large text on the sides of the bottle calls out benefits and instructions. 

We gave the brand itself a pairing of bright, sunny colours for its reinvented design system.

Morning Fresh also intended to introduce Morning Fresh POP, which is a powdered version of the same formula. It can be mixed into water, juice, or soda for the same effect, just more convenient, and more effervescent. Our contributions to this product were the name POP, the branding extension, and the packaging.

The primary target audience consists of working professionals between 25-40, for whom alcohol is a primary part of recreation. Not only are these the primary drinking crowd, but also the most likely to evangelise the product amongst their circles. Shifting the tone of voice from an advisory perspective to a friendly one helped us deal with a large problem with the demographic: ego. Drinking is usually a gendered activity, with fewer men concerned with self-care after a hectic night. There were also concerns about the flavours being gendered – market research showed that women prefer the strawberry and mint flavours, while men gravitate towards the cola and cinnamon. Our task was then to depict the brand as gender-neutral.

In this day and age, people respect their time. The gap between work and play is shorter than ever, and people now value both equally. They also strive to switch between both seamlessly. Upon realising this, we angled our communication towards the amount of time you could spend doing something productive, instead of nursing a hangover.

Our other challenge was in education and awareness. This is a product that was amongst the first in a nascent market, and customers were confused about how and when to take it. Using a simple rhyming scheme, and the foolproof three-step process, we were able to convert instructions into a catchy, campaign-able slogan.

We made the communication relatable and repeatable for a medium in which a brand cannot pick and choose their target demographic – offline. Amongst the offline collateral we designed, were glorifier units for bar counters, point-of-purchase units for retail, and in-store branding.

Since the point-of-purchase unit was to be shipped to retail stores as a flat pack, we created a simple assembly video and instruction manual for field agents to put the unit together.

A great way for a product like this to make its presence felt is through on-ground activation at alcohol-sponsored events. We curated Morning Fresh’s stall and activations for Oktoberfest and Sulafest.

Celebrations of weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, and other important life events are often brought to a halt by monster hangovers. We put together a Hangover Survival Kit, containing Morning Fresh and some other helpful essentials to ease people into the next morning. The kits also make great gifts and prizes for activation events.

Turning our practice inwards, we made sure we unified the identity of the company for the people behind it by creating a new set of stationery.

The pièce-de-résistance of our project, as always, is our Brand Manifesto, in which we outline the brand’s philosophy and character. It contains a dissection of the demographic, and communication strategies to engage them effectively. Directions for the use of brand assets are also included, along with photography and copywriting guidelines. A condensed version of the visual aspects of this manifesto is also adapted into a Brand Style Guide.

Oftentimes, the extent of our deep-diving with regard to the rebranding exercise is an introspective trigger, prompting the brand to actualise their strategies and materialise a game plan to reach the next big milestone. Our aim with Morning Fresh was to create future-proof ideas and collateral to accompany this sophomore brand into its next big phase.


Sanjana Bhatt

creative direction, design, copywriting

Abheet Anand


Anand Vijayasimha

project management, copywriting

Gokul Rao Kadam

A few of the photographs used in this case study.

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