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Morning Fresh by FRISK



Brand identity and packaging design, in which I find comfort in liminal spaces. For Mossant Fermentary.


creative direction, brand identity, packaging design


F&B, lifestyle

Mossant Fermentary is a company that explores modern avenues of the age-old tradition of fermentation, at the crossroads of conscious living and having a good time. Formed by a team of culinary and industry professionals, I was contacted in the nascent stages of their operation to give visual grounding to their products in terms of a brand identity and packaging design for their first three products.

The process of fermentation is a function of time. I loved that and wanted to run with it. My idea was to show a fragment of time, illustrate frozen still-lifes that carry the anonymity of place and occurence. By implying “time”, we are implying that the products are essentially crafted by time itself.

I created three illustrations of liminal spaces–the space between what is and what will happen next.

These were transported onto the bottles to be the backdrop of the labels.


Mossant has since chosen to move away from this brand identity and packaging aesthetic. Their current appearance is not my work.


Sanjana Bhatt

creative direction, brand identity, packaging design

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