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Morning Fresh by FRISK



Our quest to uncomplicate the world of wine resulted in a party, a lot of hilarious copywriting, and some sweet merch. Done at FRISK.


creative direction, brand strategy, brand identity, packaging design, merchandise, copywriting, naming



How often do your clients send you a bottle of wine along with a signature on your services agreement? Very cool of Fratelli to start off this project with that gesture, and it was a cool project too – branding a range of red, white, and rosé wine without any of the extra embellishments. No literature, no tasting notes, no pairings, just wine without the snobbery and exclusivity.

It was also to be India's first ever wine in a can. Fratelli was still testing out the idea of packaging their product in a can, so we put together a party in our studio and served our guests the product to blind-taste. Their helpful feedback is what finally prompted Fratelli to go ahead with the can format. 

We proposed the name 'mosso' – Italian for 'moved' – we thought it fitting for a product intended for a younger, wilder crowd. It's also a musical notation meaning 'play with movement', and that led us to create graphic elements that mimic the fluidity of a conductor's baton or a painter's brush. We treated our design intentions the same way Fratelli had approached creating this wine – straightforward, no bullshit, what you see is what you get. 

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mosso never made it to shelves. We are, however, proud of our work. So we leave you with the presentation that was considered final and approved, as it was sent to our client. Here you go:

Here is our other design iteration that didn't make the final cut, but we want to show it to you anyway. The idea was to use an optical illusion to make the label actually appear to move. A literal interpretation of 'Mosso'.

Edit added 2023: It appears that an SKU called Fratelli Mosso does exist in the market. The logo is my work, but the rest is not.


Sanjana Bhatt

creative direction, brand strategy, brand identity, copywriting

Anand Vijayasimha

project management

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