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Morning Fresh by FRISK



On tonight’s episode: Team FRISK, our intern, and a group of young entrepreneurs steal the limelight.


creative direction



This project was designed by my intern Deepak Ramarao in the summer of 2019. My contribution to this project was creative direction, and mentoring Deepak while he gained experience with brand identity design.

Runaway Cabaret is a spin on the usual event collectives and talent management practices. The business revolves around a data-centric approach to crafting curated experiences that aim to personally resonate with whoever is a part of it. They also have aspirations to create a diverse community where brands, artists, venues and audience organically interact with each other.

Runaway Cabaret is fun, off the wall, young, engaging, and dynamic. The color palette, typography, and design motifs embody a sense of dynamic motion coupled with sparks of inquisitiveness. The main purpose is to invoke a sense of interest and prompt people to find out more.

Here’s some explorations that didn’t make the final casting list:

Runaway Cabaret was an exercise in visual exploration. The implicit effect of colors, typography, and patterns are essential to branding in general, but sometimes, they are the stars of the show. Lights out, exit stage left.


Deepak Ramarao

Intern, summer 2019

graphic design

Sanjana Bhatt

creative direction, mentorship

Anand Vijayasimha

project management

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