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Morning Fresh by FRISK



The story of how we helped a 22-year-old architecture firm grow into the modern age.


brand identity, web design, merchandise, copywriting



Multi-award-winning architectural practice SASW turned 22 in 2018. With over two decades of experience in the bag, they had realised that while their own designs had evolved with the times, they had outgrown their branding. We were tasked with creating their new visual identity.


Considering SASW’s characteristic of using clean lines and open spaces in their architecture, we knew we could create something that would convey their expertise and focus on design, while still making an impression in their circle of time-trusted architects and clients.


Our response was a bold typographic treatment in a minimal palette of trustworthy grey neutrals, contrasted with a bold orange accent colour to symbolise a modern, future-forward perspective. Geometric typography and an underlying grid recall their measured and methodical approach to projects.

Documenting the work of a design-oriented practice is as important as creating the work itself since it chronicles the way each project has come to life. We carefully photographed the SASW office and its people the way the human eye would see them.

While SASW’s processes have a corporate outlook, their interactions with their team, partners, vendors, and clients are organic and engaging. We quickly realised that they are not a faceless corporation, but a friendly company in which everyone’s voice is heard. So we placed the focus on their people. In writing for their website, we took care to ensure that we carried forward the tone of voice that we observed in the dynamic between the people at SASW. A hero video on the home page captures organic interaction between team members, and serves as a visual representation of SASW’s culture. Visually, we were inspired by the naturally lit, wide open spaces in the structures that SASW has gained recognition for designing.

We also designed a bunch of their print collateral, including drawing transmittals and construction signage, so that their communications could come full circle. We also did some fun stuff for their office, like mugs, t-shirts, and water bottles.

As the finishing touch, we presented them with a coffee-table book, chronicling their accomplishments of the past 22 years. A tangible form of their legacy, if you will.


Sanjana Bhatt

brand identity, web design, copywriting

Abheet Anand


Anand Vijayasimha

project management, copywriting

Vimal Kandoth

web development

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