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Morning Fresh by FRISK



A full suite of brand strategy, identity, and packaging design for a smart gamified fitness mat.


creative direction, brand identity, packaging design, web design, copywriting


fitness, technology

Yipli is an interactive fitness gaming platform that combines real gaming with real exercise. With a unique motion-detecting smart mat, it tracks over 40 body movements and offers a growing library of thoughtfully designed games for all ages. Yipli works with multiple devices and lets you play solo or in two-player mode, compete on leaderboards, and earn rewards for your fitness progress. Created by a passionate team committed to inspiring a culture of fun and fitness, Yipli is the perfect way to turn screen time into fitness time.

I was responsible for creating a comprehensive brand experience for this brand, including brand identity, packaging, and website design. This involved developing the brand's positioning strategy, a full logo suite with design language, website design, packaging design, signage, merchandise, marketing collateral, and the product user manual.


To ensure that the brand identity accurately reflected the company's values and goals, I conducted a Brand Discovery Workshop with key stakeholders. The workshop included a series of exercises designed to understand the company's values, target audience, and unique selling proposition. From this workshop, I was able to derive a Brand Foundation Document that captured the essence of the brand. This document included the brand's mission and vision statements, as well as target audience profiles, persona, archetype, tone of voice, and communication style. This was a two-fold challenge because the product had to appeal to kids – as well as their parents who would be buying it for them. In addition, we had to appeal to corporate HR teams to invest in the product as a recreational activity for employees.


I approached the visual identity design process with a strong focus on intentionality. Each iteration was carefully evaluated against the brand foundation document and refined to ensure it was aligned with the brand's values and goals.

Concurrent to the logo design process, I created wireframes for both the packaging and the website. By providing the client with visual representations of their brand in real-world applications, they were able to gain a deeper understanding of their brand and how it would be perceived by their target audience.

The next stage of the visual identity process was colouring out a design language.


I began with concept sketches, providing one option for a 'lo-fi' or economical packaging solution, and one option for a 'premium' packaging solution. The client and I mutually decided to go down the route of premium packaging, as the unboxing experience needed to be delightful.

The design on the box needed to be engaging and informative, highlighting the key features and benefits of the product, as well as reflecting the brand's playful and modern personality. It had to be attractive to kids, and simultaneously convince their parents that this was worth the investment. The result was a packaging design that perfectly complemented the brand's visual identity and messaging, while also being cost-effective to produce, and optimized for shipping and sales.


I designed the Yipli website to be clean and minimalistic, with bold graphics and clear messaging to emphasize the product's unique selling points. The product's features were highlighted through carefully crafted copy and eye-catching visuals, including client-provided videos and images of the product in action. Overall, the Yipli website was designed to convey the excitement and potential of the product, inspiring visitors to take action and learn more.


I designed a whole bunch of marketing support collateral, such as flyers, social media templates, email newsletter templates, corporate pitch templates, and more. The most exciting of these, however, was the merchandise. I designed two different ranges of merch: one for the employees and corporates of Yipli's parent company, and one range intended to be available for the audience to purchase. No prizes for guessing which is which.


Here's some mock-ups of a rejected design language iteration. I choose to put these up with my projects because they're also a part of the process that I like to acknowledge.


Sanjana Bhatt

brand strategy, creative direction, brand identity, packaging design, copywriting, web design

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the photography shown in this project may be copyrighted and is used only as a placeholder for display of concept. This project was handed over to the client without any photography. I do not claim ownership or responsibility for any copyrighted images that may have been used for illustrative purposes only.

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